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Levis A whole new package of Denim and Accessories



The trend of wearing peppy and frisky jeans and shirts has been adopted by many. In recent times people have shifted from wearing floral and silk shirts towards wearing denim jeans and T-shirts. T-shirts and Denim jeans are comfort items and products for most of the people and with this lockdown, it has led to shop these products most often.

Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO) is a privately held clothing organization acknowledged global for its Levi’s emblem of denim denims. It becomes based in 1853 and is one of the global’s biggest logo-name apparel markets with income in more than one hundred ten international locations. There is no different employer with a similar worldwide presence in the denims and informal pants market. Today’s the Levis exchange mark is one of the identified within the international and registered in greater than 160 nations. Although the agency began producing denim overalls within the 1870s, modern-day jeans have been now not produced till the Twenties. The employer in brief experimented with worker ownership and a public inventory list, however, it remains owned and controlled by means of descendants and relatives of Levi Strauss’ 4 nephews.

Every day millions of human beings put on their long-lasting denim denims without wondering in which they got here from or how they got there. When in truth the ones denims have had had pretty the arguable adventure. There are a billion types of denim produced yearly according to the Environmental Justice Foundation and your pair is one of them. How many gallons of water, fertilizer, and chemicals do you watch went into them? These are questions that make many of us balk and they are questions that want to be responded. The manufacturing of these jeans is such an in detail global event that all of us play distinctive roles in their production and intake.

Levis is a brand of fashion and sophistication. It molds into such combinations which leads to the creation of amazing products and clothing which charms the people to buy such products. Levis’s main target audience is always young male females and kids and if we look across its produced items it’s crystal clear that such products are more captivating for the younger generations. However, with this regard it is seen that old aged people to prefer wearing such clothing because of its level of comfort and reliability

Levis brands believe in the applicability and satisfaction of its customers, they never compromise on the quality and texture of the products and clothes because what it make this company worth buying. Foremost, Levis started with jeans production but later extended its idea and start producing denim item which attracted many customers. The introduction of denim clothing was a master stoke played by this company which resulted in a great increase of share.

Levis Units- Extravagance and excellence

Levis itself is known to produce excellent products with good quality and texture. It caters male female and kids section which is indulged in variety of options. In men section, different categories are being added which gives it’s a sparkly touch. In the men section, it includes jeans, shorts, shirts and ties, pants and chinos, jean jackets and outwear, sweatshirts, underwear and socks, accessories and belts. With this, it also provides different sizes of Jeans known as Jean Guide which allows customers to have a look at what sizes they require.  The same goes for women section but includes additional elements in jeans section such as supper skinny, skinny, slim, straight, boyfriend, bootcut, etc. which adds extra charm and beauty. Products are being made in such a fashionable way that can be worn by any nation or by people of any country. Levis too have kids section which again consists of a broad range of perky and elegant apparel which attracts most kids.

Levis plays with sophisticated colors and indulges colors according to the season, for summer it’s bright and lively but for winters it’s shady and dark. This specifies the art of molding and mixing colors which define the motive of Levis. The most common colors seen for Levis are that of white, black, blue, and shade of blue and black. It has also launched its Polo shirts which enables the youngsters to buy it at reasonable prices.

To attract its customers, Levis has launched a new collection which includes Made and Crafted, Levis vintage clothing, comfort zone, the NFL collection, Levis premium, The MLB and NBA collection, Workers collection, skateboarding collection and waterless collection. Such diversification of products which involved, feeling, emotions, sporty behavior, adaptation to the working condition and clothes which are not being ruined by water, made Levis an outstanding brand with unique features and attributes.

Levis produces products which are not completed by its logo. The logo of levis is seen mainly on each product which specifies the importance of the brand itself. With this Levis has recently launched women accessories named as OFF THE CUFF denotes the importance of women presentation.


Payment Methods- Secured and Tested

Levis has always been clear on its payment method which ensures security and reliability of the company and users. Following is the list of payment methods which they accept or do not accept to avoid any uncertainty

Credit cards which are accepted:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Other forms of payment:

  • Paypal

Mode of Payment not accepted :

  • CODs
  • Personal Checks
  • Layaway Plans
  • Discover

Levis customer security is always their top priority so all the customer information is well secured. They use advanced encryption protocol called Secure Socket layer (SSL) and different affordable measures to protect customer data from unauthorized use or disclosure. All the confidential facts like charge data is encrypted and transmitted via a secure channel using SSL encryption.

Should any unauthorized charges show up in your credit score card as a result of shopping with Levi.Com, you have to alert your credit card company right away and according with your credit score card’s reporting guidelines and tactics. Levi Strauss & Co. Will anticipate legal responsibility for purchases made through Levi.Com most effective if the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted via no fault of your very own.

Customers should note that Levis will never be asking credit card and other details via any email or any electronic method if such an email is received by any customer report it to the Customer Care and prevent giving such details via email.


The 3-D secure technology is designed to reduce the opportunity of fake card use by means of authenticating the cardholder on the actual time of the transaction and sooner or later shield him or her towards unauthorized use of the card. MasterCard Secure Code authentication calls for the cardholder to sign in their card on the card provider’s internet site to take advantage of this carrier. If you’re registered, on the time of payment, a display screen from your card issuer will activate you to enter the unique non-public code that you have registered with them. The card issuer then validates your non-public code and approves the transaction. If you are not registered, however, the financial institution that issued your MasterCard helps Secure Code, you may be brought on to sign up for MasterCard Secure Code as you take a look at out.

Astounding Discounts

Levis has outraged many companies in terms of discounts, it offers discounts not only to the students but to the teachers, military personals and even to the health care workers who are risking their lives to save humanity from the ongoing crisis.  For students id, 15 percent off on all the clothing items, its simple register yourself and verify your student status by UNIDAYS and avail an opportunity to grab some amazing stuff. To pay tribute to medical health workers, Levis has offered a 25 percent discount on clothing, they just need to verify their profession by clicking on the options given.  For thanking teachers for their devotion towards students, Levis is offering a 25 percent discount to them. They just need to enter their first and last name, school name and email id with postal code. With this, they are offering military personal’s 15% discount by just verifying their military ID.

 Customers Concerns

A different section is allotted in which frequently asked question by the customers which is being asked is answered to provide them satisfaction regarding the company policy. Questions such as payment method, personal security, ordering methods are being asked by most of the customers which is an address in a formal way. This section provides immense information that helps a customer in believing the brand policy.

Levis Affiliate Program

Levis has partnered with Impact Radius and organized and Affiliate Program which will give an opportunity to the participants to have a greater look at the insights of the marketing world.  Affiliate advertising program is simple, Levis will be paying you if the participants will promote the brand on their blogs, websites, newsletter and search landing page. They will be providing promotional links, all you have to do is advertise it on different platforms and earn money by this activity or earn by selling any product which will be based on commission.

Levis and COVID-19

Levis have made sure that it will serve its customers in this pandemic. It recently issued the statement that deliveries will be made but with a delay in the time of delivery. With this, a different section has been allotted for COVID-19 in which different activities are presented to avoid the mental health disturbance of their customers. With this, they have made preventive measures video and add details to it as well to make their customer satisfaction that their products are in safe hands.

Levi’s Sale:

You can save while shopping from Levi’s in a standard way. You can get al new Levi’s Coupons and offers.

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